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New Year • New Website • New Look

My new website is now live! •

My new look website is up and running. I have been using the same website design for a number of years, and after a good deal of thought about what it would mean and how it would impact my business I have finally done it, a new look, a new design, a new domain name too!

You'll notice that the new web name doesn't have a dot com, a dot uk, or any other kind of corporate extension at the end, just the dot between my name and the word photography.

Don't forget the dot whatever you do! It's not something we are used to seeing but website domains have been revised recently so the 'dot' in the middle will become more familiar on lots of other websites.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a look round!

The master plan!

So now we have the new website published and online, what next?

We have added some interesting features to make it even easier to navigate your way around the site.

• All the image galleries are gathered together under one heading in the main menu visible at the top of every page. Click on the 'Portfolio' heading, a new page opens which shows a listing of the various galleries available to view, click a picture of choice and the gallery will open. Click a picture and a large uncropped version of will open, click the cross at top right and you will return to the gallery.

• All content for all the sections has been contained on single pages. Just scroll down on each page to see what's there. I have installed a 'Top' button at the bottom right if content is longer than a screen page. Just click on it to be taken to the top of the page.

• One of the biggest improvements I have added is a state of the art blog area. You can read topics by clicking on the titles of the posts. The various topics are also headed 'News', 'Features' and 'Photography'. Just choose your area of interest to see post specific to that topic. You can of course select 'All' to get all the posts visible at once.

• The Blog has a register box at the top. You will need to register if you want to reply to a post. This is to reduce any potential misuse of the reply section.

• I propose to invite 'guest bloggers' to add posts on related topics. If you fancy 'having a go' get in touch with me outlining your idea for a topic using the 'Contact' page' (top of any page on the right).

• 'Content is king' in the website world so there will be images added and deleted over time. Some of the portfolios at present are pretty sparse but I envisage fairly quick progress on populating those areas in the coming days.

• Let me know what you think, I'm always happy to take advice.

Go ahead, have look round the site and make sure you check in now and then to read the blog updates.

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