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About me

Based at Shoeburyness on the Thames Estuary, Essex, UK, I am a photographer making high quality images for social, commercial, editorial, PR, media, and community projects.


I was born in Manchester, England, but my home is Essex where I have lived for many years.


I have been making photographs on and off for over thirty years. At the beginning I took photographs purely as references for paintings or graphic design projects when I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else. Over time photography became my passion and occupation.


Now my work is pretty much worldwide either in photo libraries, in print, in collections, or as artworks on the walls of my clients..

I love the challenge that photography offers. Getting the image right is important to me so I tend to have a plan worked out before a shoot, but as with most things in life, things don't always go to plan and being prepared to adapt to change at the drop of hat is a prerequisite for a photographer, as I have discovered many, many, times during my career.

Things changed for me in a big way in March 2019 when I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Giant Cell Arteritis or GCA. It happened overnight and has affected my eyesight. In brief, it means I now have partial vision and to some extent, limited mobility too. Now I have to do things in a different way, Slowly but surely I am learning to adapt to a new way of life.

Thank you for taking a look at my work. I hope you enjoy some of what you see.


Peter Bolton LRPS

Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

Published books

My books are available through my publisher 'Blurb' or from as hardback Collectors Edition 'coffee table' books, and as eBooks for iPad and other portable devices.

'Meetings With Strangers' - Street photography.

'Beach Hut Life' - Documentary photography.

'Bangkok Street Views - Another Side of theCity' 

Documentary photography.

Portfolio 1 - 'Estuary Moods'

Portfolio 2 - 'The Re-enactors'

My work can be purchased as 'wall art' in a wide range of sizes and finishes from my online 'Store' via the menu at the top of the page.

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