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'Movies never made'

I've always been fascinated by film posters, whether old or new. Usually they have pictures which are artists illustrations combining different elements of the story into one picture much like a collage. The most exciting or intriging moments of the film are depicted as 'snapshots' of the whole film. The artwork incorporates the title of the film using creative typefaces or hand drawn lettering, the starring actors and other relevant information such as production details are also included using standard typefaces. Very often photography is used rather than the work of artists and illustrators. The whole idea of course, is to make the viewer want to see the film advertised. I think that many classic posters are masterpieces of graphic design in their own right, irrespective of what film they advertise.

All this, got me thinking. What if there was a poster but no film? Would the viewer look at the image and begin to imagine the action? Or even begin to write their own story in their imagination just using the single image in front of them. Interesting!

The result of this possibility is my latest series of work based on a single photographic image with a title and intriguing strapline. Check out my first four of the series by following the link. I'd be very interested in getting some feedback. Let me know what you think?

Mounted posters of 'Movies never made' are currently on show at the Utopia Coffee Lounge, The Royals, High Street, Southend on Sea, Essex.

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